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  • Sustainability, European, fair – The MEYER philosophy

    MEYER trousers are consistently produced sustainably.

    Beginning with the seeds used to the cotton harvest and the textile production, to the neat trouser seam. The result is outstanding quality that our customers can wear while having a clear conscience. By purchasing at MEYER, you are supporting fair production conditions and protection of our environment beyond environmental standards.

  • Social responsibility out of conviction

    MEYER trousers have an ideal fit – for your conscience too.

    We have a high standard for good production conditions and we are only satisfied if all of our employees are healthy, safe and participate in production with a fair wage. This is why our trousers are sewed in our own European production facility near Kronstadt in Romania.

  • Ecological clothing for a healthy future

    MEYER trousers are developed in Germany and produced in our own production facility in Europe.

    In this way, not only do we guarantee the excellent quality for which MEYER is known internationally, but we also ensure a sustainable and environmentally-friendly production. 

    For us, it is all about good conditions for people and the environment

  • Environmentally-friendly clothing from our own European production

    MEYER trousers have already been being sewn for over 25 years near Kronstadt in Romania. Thanks to our own production facility, we can influence the different processes of trouser production down to the smallest details while placing great value on sustainability. In order to protect nature, for example, we have equipped our industrial laundry with an integrated water treatment system. When buying our materials too we place great value on environmentally-friendly fabrics and haberdashery from Europe and, for example, source our outer fabric exclusively from renowned European weavers. Auch beim Einkauf unserer Materialien legen wir großen Wert auf umweltfreundliche Stoffe und Kurzwaren aus Europa und beziehen beispielsweise unsere Oberstoffe ausschließlich von renommierten europäischen Webern.

  • Why should you buy our sustainable trousers made of organic cotton?

    You are making the choice to buy sustainable trousers for the environment, the farm workers on the cotton plantations and for your own well-being. Organic cotton makes our trousers especially soft and gives them a pleasant wearing comfort.

360° Responsible Fashion in traditional tailoring

Advantages of ecological cotton production


No use of hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilisers. No genetically modified seeds.


Water-saving cultivation, because sustainable agriculture promotes healthier soils, which can absorb water better


Promotes biodiversity and the welfare of animals and helps build local communities

  • Quality, ethics and a good price are not mutually exclusive

    Our customers question the origin and the production conditions of their clothing items precisely, and rightly so because quality, sustainability and fair manufacturing go hand-in-hand. By purchasing MEYER trousers, you are taking a stand for fair wages, good working conditions and environmentally-friendly production. Support a “made in Germany” design, which is produced in Europe and whose production chain, down to the last seam, is fair for humans and the environment.

  • Einkaufen mit gutem Gewissen: Wie erkenne ich nachhaltige Hosen?

    Hosen aus nachhaltiger Produktion zeichnen sich durch ihre außerordentliche Qualität aus. Vor allem Bio-Baumwolle fühlt sich extrem weich auf der Haut an und bleibt auch nach mehreren Waschgängen perfekt in Form. Sie erkennen ökologische Modelabels wie MEYER zudem an anerkannten Zertifizierungen, die regelmäßig erneuert werden müssen, wie dem STeP by OEKO-TEX®-Siegel für soziale Verantwortung und Nachhaltigkeit.

    MEYER trousers: sustainable and responsible shopping directly online! Anyone looking for fair men's trousers they can wear with a clear conscience should take a look at the different chino and trouser collections from MEYER. Whether the MEYER EXCLUSIVE, M|5 or Oslo, we guarantee a stylish appearance, which is based on a fair and environmentally-friendly production.


  • What is Fair Trade cotton?

    Cotton production is exposed to large market fluctuations and small farmers are often forced to sell their harvest at the lowest prices. This poses major challenges to producers and retailers, which are often solved with serious measures for humans and the environment, e.g. in the form of child labour or the use of genetically modified seeds.

  • Fair Trade cotton follows these rules

    • Fixed minimum price over the regional market price for cotton producers
    • Payment of a Fair Trade premium by the importers. The cooperative decides on its use
    • Pre-financing of the harvest, by request, at 60 per cent of the contract price
    • Promotion of long-term and stable trade relationships
    • No forced labour
    • No illegal child labour
    • No discrimination – the cooperatives are open to new employees
    • Independent and democratically-controlled form of organisation
  • What distinguishes Fair Trade trousers from MEYER?

    Part of our MEYER collection is produced from Fair Trade cotton. These conditions apply in our own European production facility near Kronstadt in Romania: Social security thanks to regulated employment contracts
Collectively agreed wages and working hours
Health and safety protection measures in the workplace in accordance with European standards.

Whom and how does buying a pair of sustainable MEYER men's trousers help?

From our Fair Trade offer

  1. Bonn fairtrade soft cotton chinos

    -17% €119.99
  2. Bonn fairtrade soft cotton chinos

    -17% €119.99
  3. Bonn fairtrade soft cotton chinos

    -17% €119.99

MEYER-Hosen: Fairtrade- & Ökotex-Siegel - Unsere Zertifikate

  • Unsere Zertifizierungen garantieren die Einhaltung sozialer und ökologischer Standards, mit denen wir den Fairtrade-Gedanken des sozial verträglichen Wirtschaftens auf den Bekleidungssektor übertragen.

Unsere STeP by OEKO-TEX®-Zertifizierung

STeP by OEKO-TEX® steht für „Sustainable Textile Production“ und hat das Ziel, umweltfreundliche Produktionsprozesse dauerhaft umzusetzen, die Arbeitssicherheit zu verbessern und sozialverträgliche Arbeitsbedingungen in den Produktionsbetrieben zu fördern. STeP hebt sich von anderen Zertifizierungssystemen dadurch ab, dass es nicht nur einzelne Nachhaltigkeitsaspekte berücksichtigt, sondern eine ganzheitliche Analyse und Bewertung der Produktions-bedingungen in allen Stufen der gesamten Lieferkette vornimmt.

Was sagt die Zertifizierung aus?

STeP analysiert alle wichtigen Unternehmensbereiche im Rahmen von 6 Modulen und überprüft diese regelmäßig durch die OEKOTEX®-Institute. So schaffen wir Transparenz in der Lieferkette und geben Ihnen Gewissheit, dass unsere Hosen auf mehr als 300 schädliche Substanzen geprüft, umweltfreundlich und sozial verantwortlich in Europa hergestellt werden.

Unsere Fairtrade-Zertifizierung

Sie leisten einen direkten Beitrag zu besseren Lebensbedingungen der Menschen, die Baumwolle anbauen. Das FAIRTRADE Siegel für zertifizierte Baumwolle garantiert: Kleinbauern erhalten einen garantierten Mindestpreis für ihre Baumwolle, der höher liegt als die regionalen Marktpreise. Zusätzlich erhalten die Baumwollpflücker eine FAIRTRADE Prämie, die sie für soziale und lokale Projekte einsetzen können. Verbot von Zwangs- und Kinderarbeit, keine Diskriminierung. Langfristige Handelsbeziehungen, Vorfinanzierung der Ernte.

We take our responsibility seriously.

Zu unseren Fairtrade Hosen